Ladylove – Super Sanitary Pad Brand

I made an online trading site for this Mega Sanitary Pad Brand which one of very few pad which able to absorb more than 80ml of water with a single pad, who gives a fcuk anyway ? I used 30% of my total power to complete the overall web design and the boss seemed to like it very much.


Lady Love comprises 3 components which are surface layer, absorbent layer and base layer. The surface layer is made of soft, Silkencotton materials, keeping the delicate skin dry and comfortable. Transforming the liquid discharge into a jelly-like state, the strong absorbent agents in the middle/ absorbent layer eliminate the feeling of stickiness. The base layer is made of air permeable materials which allow diffusion of air and it drives away moist air effectively, reduces heat and maintains the dry and breathable feelings!

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